HyperBaby Productions is the brainchild of Chris and Amy Allworden. They wake up every morning in the icier parts of the American Midwest where the long winters lead to long evenings that are perfect for playing games.

In 2018, during a particularly cold evening, we sat down with an average poker deck intending to have some fun. Feeling tired of the usual card games, Chris began to come up with new rules using the same old cards. Several hours, laughs, and drinks later… the building blocks of StoneRow had been formed.

Not content with simply playing a new game, we wanted to share what we’d created with others. We believe that the world could use a bit more fun, and that perhaps we could help. Through the combination of our passions, HyperBaby Productions developed; a place that could hold all the fun, creativity, and adventure we would like to inspire in others.

We hope you find something within these pages that will help you to bring back some fun in your own life.

Chris & Amy


We believe play brings out the best in people. Creativity, imagination, and laughter combine to lift us up and brighten our days. That is why we actively encourage a playful attitude even among adults. And, that’s what makes the development of games one of our most important projects. Check out StoneRow and Failure to Launch for some family friendly and easy to learn fun.


Amy has been working as a professional writer for over a decade. Her varied experience as a developmental editor, and ghost writer have given her an in-depth knowledge of story structure and she’d love to share that with you. You can find details about her work and how to hire her for your next project HERE.


Each destination has it’s own story to tell. At HyperBaby we love to travel, learn and experience what this world has to offer. During our journeys we are excited to share with you the lesser known paths that are around each corner.

Our Projects

  • Stories by Amy Allworden
  • StoneRow – The Tower Building Card Game
  • Failure to Launch – Fast Paced Hilarious Space Race
  • Wheel of Cheese Adventures
  • Path by Piston

Thank you for all your support and interest. Please come back soon as we are always into something new!