Feed the Machine

Feed The Machine CoverTitle: Feed the Machine : Episode 1
Series: Feed the Machine #1
Published by: HyperBaby Productions
Release Date: 12/01/20
Pages: 430

Life on Gotierre Station is simple for Loch.

Follow orders.

Shoot whatever's in your way.


Unfortunately, Loch is terrible at following orders.


This time, fate might just have caught up with him as he finds himself stuck firmly in the middle of something unusual happening on the Station. Something that will change the lives of everyone on Gotierre Station forever.

Feed the Machine : Episode 1


“What did you say your name was?”

            Loch's eyes slid up and into a dark unscannable visor. Markus sure hadn't wasted any time. First he shoots his partner in cold blood, probably spends a minute or two searching a dead woman's body and still has time to remember Loch. If there was one thing Loch could appreciate it was a psychopath with determination. Well, things weren't about to get any easier.

            With slow deliberation Loch slid the cylinder into a compartment of his suit. Markus' visor moved to track Loch's hand as he tucked the thing away.

            In one heartbeat Loch wrapped his hands around Markus' helmet, slammed the man's head into the wall beside him and then took off, racing back the way he’d come down the tunnel.

            A giddy feeling overwhelmed Loch as he ran and burst forth in a laugh. What the hell was he doing!? There was no guarantee that louca merda would have killed him after handing over the cylinder. But, like Alyn always said, “Never miss an opportunity to give an asshole a bad day.” As he ran, Loch thought about the rest of K Unit and how lucky they were that they never had trouble like this.

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