Manticores Are Just Big Kitties

Manticores Are Just Big KittiesTitle: Manticores Are Just Big Kitties
Published by: DMs Guild
Release Date: 2020
Pages: 11

Sorcerer Joe is at it again. This time his plans to create an exotic big cat sanctuary backfire, leaving him and the quirky residents of Hamdel at risk.

It's up to you to track down a deadly manticore before things get entirely out of hand. Or before councilwoman, The Widow Mrs. Baskets, decides to add you to her growing hit list.

Either way, you're about to have some fun.

Manticores are Just Big Kitties is a light-hearted adventure set in a quirky village. There’s an upstart mage, Sorcerer Joe, who is using stolen magic to charm dangerous monsters. There’s also an ambitious councilwoman, The Widow Mrs. Baskets, who wants to put her mark on the village by getting rid of Joe and his deadly hobbies. When one of Sorcerer Joe’s charmed manticores goes missing everything turns into chaos.

The Widow Mrs. Baskets arranges a covert meeting and asks that you “take care of” the upstart mage by any means necessary, for a hefty reward of course. They don’t call her the “happiest widow in Hamdel” for nothing. Sorcerer Joe begs for your help to recover the missing manticore before the monster’s charm wears off… in 8 hours! There is plenty to investigate and lots of fun to be had. By the time you leave Hamdel you’ll start to wonder how soon you can come back.

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