Tuckbox Design

Hello everybody! I’ve got something fun to show you today. Chris and I are working with the incomparable Annika Brandow to create a tuckbox design for our StoneRow card game. The clear plastic boxes that we have now are good for keeping your cards safe, but now we want to take it to the next level and really show ’em …

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StoneRow : Official Rules

Official Rules StoneRow Official Rules To play StoneRow you will use the cards as follows: 52 number cards and Guild cards (2) Tower sets – 12 cards 3 Highwayman 3 Mason 2 GoldDigger 2 Displacer 1 Foreman The Object Build StoneRows by playing Sets and Runs from your hand while stealing or breaking your opponents’. Player with the most points for having the biggest and best StoneRows at …

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