Failure to Launch

Take your family and friends on a hilarious space adventure! In order to win this 2-4 person card game you just might need to traverse The Great Yogurt Plains of Alpha Santoon, steer clear of an Apathy Well, or sabotage your opponents with a plague of ship-eating Space Slugs. Anything could happen!

Failure to Launch…

is the second game from HyperBaby Productions. It has a tentative release date for the end of 2020. Currently we’re working on development and structure of game play, after that we will begin to search for an artist. We still have a long road left before this game is finished but we’re really excited to share this fun card game with everyone.

Our ultimate goal is to bring you a game with a lot of laughs that is easy to learn. We want Failure to Launch to be the catalyst that you and your friends and family can gather around to journey into our goofy version of space travel and have a good time. To that end, we’re collaborating with a stand-up comedian in the hopes of boosting this game into the next level of fun.

So, keep your radar primed for updates. They will be coming soon!

Space anomalies present... F2L is in development and subject to change. 


Cosmos Background

1920×1080 300dpi Cosmos Background