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Amy Allworden has been providing first-class writing services since 2011. Her clients have ranged from writers of non-fiction memoir to children’s novels and every kind of genre fiction, as well as role-playing adventure stories. Her pleasant “can-do” attitude and in-depth knowledge of story structure have earned her consistent 5 Star ratings on Upwork.com.

Amy far exceeded my expectations for this work and I was extremely pleased at the detail of the notes she was able to supply. She has demonstrated a well-rounded understanding of story, plot, and character development which is worth its weight in gold in a story editor. I feel the book was helped immeasurably by her efforts and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her again. The next book in the series is now being written and she’ll be the first person I call to start whipping it into shape.”- Jefferson Bonar


            “Amy wrote my first YA fantasy book and I’m so thankful I’ve found her. She definitely gives her 110% on the job and will never stop until your book is perfect. She is willing to do more that is expected. I’d actually score her above and over 5 stars if I could! A+++++++++++++ Highly recommended. I’ll be hiring her over and over again”.- Kathryn


            “It has been a thorough pleasure to work with Amy – she’s done a brilliant job and gone way beyond the call of duty on many occasions. I will be hiring her again for future projects I have in the pipeline. If you’re looking for a good writer who won’t overcharge you, you needn’t look any further, in my opinion. Thanks, Amy.-“ Ed Jowett


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