Story Overview
I will give your novel a top-down Beta Read that will cover my initial thoughts on your story. This is a great way for us to evaluate if we work well together and how I can help you further. The Overview includes my general comments regarding:

  • Hook
  • Prose/Style
  • Plot Structure
  • Character evolution


Level 1 Structural Edit
With the Level 1 Structural Edit I will include elements as described from the above Overview, plus detailed in-line comments using the track changes feature, with specific suggestions for improvement, including occasional line edits to illustrate recommendations. I will also create a 6-10 page document that addresses:


  • Story, plot, structure, pacing
  • Character development
  • Worldbuilding as it regards to magic systems or science fiction elements
  • Overall feedback on narrative style and writing technique

Level 2 Structural Edit
At the Level 2 Structural Edit I will perform all services from the Level 1 Edits and, once changes are agreed upon, will work as a ghostwriter to complete the necessary recommendations.


I do not offer copy editing or proofreading services. 

*Fee structure is based on word count.*

Overview= $10/ max 2,000 words.

Level 1= $50/10,000 words.

Level 2= $80/10,000 words.

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